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NL 20-1264051

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“Grijze 51′ NL-20-1264051 ? 100% LUDO CLAESSENS Mr. Orleans, the Legend, the Miracle Man, the Grandmaster, . these are but a few of the nicknames bestowed on Ludo Claessens. Of course nicknames and superlatives are a dime a dozen in the pigeon sport world, but anyone who has ever met Ludo Claessens has to admit the man had something special when it came to pigeon racing. His nickname of “Mr. Orleans” was not given to him lightly: just look at some of his results on this famous race: 1987: 1st and 3rd National Zone 1B against 9119 pigeons 1991: the first 5 positions plus position 8 National Zone 1B against 8210 pigeons (he basketed 34 young birds and got 33 of them in the National result) 1993: 1st, 9th, etc. National Zone 18 against 7407 pigeons 1995: 1st an…

Pedigree شهادة الطير

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