About Us


Ibrahim Mohammed is the President of the Dubai Racing Pigeon Club, owner of pigeonmarket.ae and is an avid pigeon fancier, racer, breeder and enthusiast. Since 1994, his journey through the world of pigeon racing has taken him to over 25 countries including Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany where he met many racing legends including Louis Janssen in 2001.

Ibrahim has raced and bred many champion birds and participates both locally and internationally in the DRPC races and popular OLR’s. He has also hosted numerous successful auctions and sales events in the UAE.

“ Fanciers can now take advantage of his experience and network and secure top quality pedigree pigeons which can be purchased through selection on this portal.”


With Louis Janssen 2001

With Carl Meulemans 2001

With Hans Eijrkamp in Holland

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With Peter Van De Merwe

With Herbots Brothers in Dubai

With Ulrich Lemens

With Jo & Florian Hendreks